Coronavirus and summer holidays

Sicily For Everybody has prepared a series of prevention protocols against the Covid-19 by giving specific instructions to all its staff on the operating procedures to be followed for safety inside the accommodation facilities belonging to its circuit.

Through the posting of documents and posters, in different languages, will be given the necessary instructions on how to behave and on the available sanitizing supplies at home:

Sicily for Everybody will pay special attention in the cleaning of common areas (bathrooms, living rooms, corridors, elevators, etc. …) as a general measure of prevention for the Coronavirus epidemic.

Social distance: The minimum recommended distance is one meter, and it is advisable to avoid or keep as much distance as possible to anyone who is coughing or sneezing. Hand hygiene. Wash frequently and thoroughly. Possibly with alcohol-based detergents, or soap and water (for a time of at least 20 seconds). Air conditioning. We will pay due attention to the quality of the air, and in particular to the cleaning of the filters. Other systems that we will check are those of aeration, ventilation, air exchange and dehumidification in rooms with indoor swimming pools. Sanitizers. We will provide our guests with disposable sanitizers so that they can be used as safely as possible.

Coronavirus and holidays: priority to cleaning and sanitization

During cleaning operations, scrupulous attention will be paid to the objects that are touched most frequently: handles and knobs, lift buttons, handrails, switches. The cleaning staff has been trained to apply these guidelines.

All surfaces that may be subject to contamination will be disinfected by using a 0.1% sodium hypochlorite solution (bleach) or by using alcohol at 70% concentration.

Where possible, disposable materials will be used for cleaning, avoiding fabrics and absorbent materials.